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Conceptual HR Solutions has created a packet of best practice HR documents for

small businesses who need to firm up their HR documents and processes.

Our Core HR Service will give you the tools you need to ensure compliance

and a smooth employee experience from start to finish.

Legally Required Documents:

Federal W4 for employees
Federal I9 for employees
Federal W9 for independent contractors

Onboarding Documents:

Employment Application

Offer Letter Template

Direct Deposit Form

Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment and Anti-Retaliation Policy

Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Use Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Workplace Safety Policy

Emergency Contact Information Form

Job Descriptions- 3 total

Equipment Issuance Agreement

Remote Work Policy

Background Review and Follow-Up Form

Employment Documents:

Position/Status/Rate Change Form

Accident/Incident Reporting Form

Formal Corrective Action Form (PIP)

90 Day Review Form

Annual Review Form

Attendance and Tardy Policy

Leave of Absence Policy

Creation and/or review of PTO and Holiday Policy

       PTO Request Forms 

       PTO Tracking 

Offboarding Documents:

Termination Checklist

Exit Interview Form

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