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Our DIY HR provides ready-to-use, fully customizable, HR document templates to help your small business get started right.

Customers will receive links to download their digital products in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Please be advised that Conceptual HR will not be held liable for any consequences arising from the utilization of the provided documents within your organization. Laws and regulations may vary by state jurisdiction, therefore, prior to the implementation of any policies or procedures delineated within these documents, we strongly advise consulting with your legal counsel for guidance and compliance assurance.

Need more assistance setting up your HR Department? 

Need a break down of what documents to purchase?

Set the standard for all employees regarding your company's commitment to the creation, establishment and ongoing maintenance of a safe working environment.

Identify your company as committed to providing a workplace safe and free of violance for all employees.

 Learn how each of your employees prefers to be shown appreciation and motivation with this informative quiz.

Ensure information, documentation, or steps are not missed when terminating an employee with our detailed checklist sheet.

Set clear guidelines for your employees with regards to how they use social media as it relates to your company.

Stay organized and on task while completeing reference checks for new hires.

Follow best practice and document any changes made to a current employee with this change form.

Ensure information, documentation, or steps are not missed when onboarding a new employee with our detailed checklist sheet.

Utilize our offer letter template to extend a job offer in the most professional, clear, and contractually safe mannor, including a breakdown of the benefits offered by your company.

Clearly communicate to employees how and why your company collects personal information, how you handle it, and whith whom it may be shared.

When an employee breaks a policy or makes a notable mistake, clearly define the issue and your expectations going forward.

Ensure employees know your company is an equal employment opportunity employer.

Upon the amicable exit of an employee, collect information to help you better your company and improve your employee retention going forward.

Capture all an employee's emergency contact information to ensure you are following best practice and are prepared for the unforseeable future.

Ensure employees know your company is committed to providing a safe, efficient, productive, and drug-free and alcohol-free facility for all cohorts.

Collect all direct deposit information from your employees in one comprehinsive form.

This bring your own device policy esablishes guidelines for employees using personally owned electronic devices for work-related purposes.

Use this checklist to review all applicants and follow up on their background checks when necessary.

Ensure your company vehichles are used properly and safely with this detailed policy.

Start off on the right foot with every employee by providing them with a professional and in depth job application.

Provide your employees with a constructive review of their yearly performance, along with goals to work towards.

A policy stating your company is committed to hosting an employment environment of anti- discrimination, anti - harassment and retaliation.

Check in with your employees each year to see how they evaluate their performance and how you can help them to better themselves.

A form to document any accidents that occur with your employees or onsite customers/vendors.

Clearly communicate to employees the steps to take after an accident or incident, and the reports needed to document it.

Check in with your employees after their first 90 days to communicate their work performance levels.

This is a legally required document for all employees to provide you with their withholding amounts for their federal income taxes.

This is a legally required document for all employees to prove their eligibility to work in the US. Be sure you are familiar with how to fill out this document as there are many laws surrounding it.

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