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As a  new business owner, your only focus is making your business succeed.  Don't get overwhelmed with

ever-changing state and federal laws that may lead you into trouble. 

Conceptual HR will ensure your business's HR Department

is setup right from the beginning and teach you what you need to know.


Remember, once you have just 1 employee, you have an HR need.

Fast Growing Businesses

Your business is taking off and it's absolutely exhilarating!  The problem is, you need help and you need it yesterday.  Conceptual HR can get you the help you need and implement processes to ensure  your fast growing business stays compliant with state and federal guidelines.

Small Businesses

Your small businesses does not have enough employee's to justify hiring a dedicated HR Professional.   However, you need an Employee Handbook and an On-boarding Process developed and don't know where to start. 

Once Conceptual HR helps you develop these, as employee issues arise we can assist in navigating you through the process to ensure your business stays in compliance with state and

federal employment laws, while reducing legal risks your company

could potentially face.

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