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Not your typical HR Seminar. 

We have created an HR workshop where you will leave with not only a PLAN, but also with the TOOLS to SUCCEED.

We will dive deep into the HR Strategy of YOUR SPECIFIC BUSINESS

You will learn the “what’s and why’s" of HR, and create the actual policies and documentation for your business.

This workshop is ideal for small business owners who have limited  experience in employee management OR the Office Manager who is responsible for the HR Compliance of the business and isn't sure where to begin.

You will walk through the entire Employee Life Cycle with two

HR Experts who have nearly 40 years of HR experience.  We have just about seen it all and want to share our knowledge and experiences, ensuring the best outcome for your business from an HR perspective.  

*This workshop is exclusively for companies with 49 employee or less*

Click Here For Details.

 Only 10 Companies Accepted

Space is Limited

Deadline March 1st, 2020

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