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The Conceptual HR Difference

Conceptual HR is the Strategic Business Partner you need for your Small Business. 

We work directly with you to plan how you want your organization to run and ensure the necessary changes are implemented in order to reach your business goals.  

We are your HR Partner, helping you through tough employee

challenges while ensuring your employee's and your business are

taken care of  by providing non-biased, industry-specific expert advise.

Employee Documents

Because if you had the time, resources and expertise you'd do it yourself.

Having accurate and up-to-date Employee Documentation is incredibly important for all businesses. 

However, having the time to research, educate yourself, create and implement these

necessities is nearly impossible for small business owners. 

Here are some examples of documents we customize and create exclusively for your business:

  • Employee Applications

  • Welcome Letters

  • Employee Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • I-9 Compliance

  • W-4 Compliance

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Equipment Issuance Agreements

  • Emergency Contact Forms

  • New Hire Packets

  • Creation of Benefit Packets

  • Employee Agreements

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Training Manuals

  • Safety Manuals

  • Health & Wellness Agreements

Affordable Payroll Solutions

You don't have to pay a lot to pay your employees, and you will always

have a dedicated expert who is only a phone call away.

Conceptual HR offers a low cost full service payroll service which is safe, secure, and accurate with personalized customer service.   You will speak to the same person for all your payroll needs.

For Employers with 49 employees or less, this is an ideal solution.  

We support weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly payroll schedules.   


Click here to discover how much you can lower your payroll processing cost.

Top Talent for Your Business

People searching is time consuming, and time is money.  We will ensure you save it.

Need a position filled fast and don't know where to start? Conceptual HR can help. 

We have over 25 years of recruiting experienced and can ensure

top quality talent while saving you valuable time and money.

Employee Training

Knowledge is Power.

Make sure everyone is "in-the-know"

We offer an online employee training convenient for employees and managers.  

Additionally we provide customized in-person training for all industries including: Safety, Management and Harassment Training.

HR Consulting

We will be there to help you navigate the ever changing HR World, every step of the way.

Laws change and employee's do unexpected things from time to time.  We will work with you not only to ensure your business is compliant,

but we will help you throughout the employee life cycle.  

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