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End-of-Year HR Tasks Got You Stressed?

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Payroll Services perfect for your small business.

Save money and time by outsourcing your HR Department rather than hiring a full time employee.

Need to hire but don't have the time?  

We've got you covered.


Conceptual HR Solutions provides outsourced Human Resource, Payroll, and Recruiting services for companies with 99 employees or less. Our HR experts ensure compliance in a heavily regulated HR world which is constantly changing.  We reduce your risk of non-compliance and employee related issues and legal expenses, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. * ASSURE YOUR BUSINESS IS HR COMPLIANT * IMPROVE COMPANY CULTURE * STREAMLINE HR PROCESSES * PLAN FOR FUTURE GROWTH * REDUCE RISK OF LITIGATION * ENSURE UP TO DATE MANDATED DOCUMENTATION   * GAIN PEACE OF MIND * SAVE TIME AND MONEY

Referral Partner Spotlight

At Conceptual HR, we're immensely grateful for our referral partners - the backbone of our success! Throughout 2024, we'll be shining a spotlight on these incredible collaborators each month.

This month, we are featuring: The Legal Department

2_TheLegalDepartment_ Referral Partner Spotlight.png


SmartBox Company

"The Conceptual Team has helped me implement policies and procedures for my Team.  I have experienced first hand their professionalism and industry experience as it is showing in my employees.  They have been a tremendous asset to my business and I look forward to continuing our successful partnership"

— Brandon Stallings, Founder/CEO

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